Miscellaneous Metal Fabrications by Am-Tec Designs

  • Steel Stair Slide
  • Embed Plate Slide
  • Steel Gate Slide
  • Metal Ladder Slide
  • Solar Support Slide
  • Gratings Slide
  • Angle Iron Slide
Steel Stair Slide1 Embed Plate Slide2 Steel Gate Slide3 Metal Ladder Slide4 Solar Support Slide5 Gratings Slide6 Angle Iron Slide7

Metal Fabrication

Carbon Steel, Aluminum & Stainless Steel.

Am-Tec will build to exact specifications of your design plan and provide advice on design and material selection when needed.

Stairs, Ladders, Gratings, Embedded Plates, Castings, Treads, Solar Catwalks, Beams, Angles & Lintels, Structural Steel, Gates & Fences.


Am-Tec specializes in the manufacture of conventional, standard or custom designs of essential and functional metal products that meet your specific requirements in building construction. Using Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel and Anodized Aluminum.